venerdì 26 febbraio 2010


Yazbukey has been created by two sisters:Yaz & Emel,
ottoman princesses and Descendants of Mehmet Ali
Pasha King of Egypt, Yaz was born in Istanbul and
Emel in Cairo .

After living in different countries,they decided to settle down in Paris.

After many experiences with Martin Margiela,Givenchy,Jeremy Scott,
they’ve decided to launch an accessory line fo- cussing on beaded leather pieces.
After a few collections the accessory line has been completed by clothes,
essentially tshirsts & dresses,and then by shoes(yazbukey’s hot heels) and dog clothing (Yazbukey’s minidogs)

The world of Yazbukey describes a very playfull universe, inspired by
old musicals (Vincent Minelli...) & Gershwin’s music, tales of La fon-
taine & Grimm, the movies from Hitchcock to Tim Burton.

Since 2000 Björk is wearing Yazbukey accessories.

The Yazbukey duet dedicates this season it collection to the famous Ladurée pastry shop!


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