sabato 27 febbraio 2010

Trib Two.

venerdì 26 febbraio 2010



Husky Rescue

Husky Rescue comes from Finland and makes electro pop and romantic down tempo music, with a very sensual feminin voice. "Ship Of Light" is their 4th album.


Yazbukey has been created by two sisters:Yaz & Emel,
ottoman princesses and Descendants of Mehmet Ali
Pasha King of Egypt, Yaz was born in Istanbul and
Emel in Cairo .

After living in different countries,they decided to settle down in Paris.

After many experiences with Martin Margiela,Givenchy,Jeremy Scott,
they’ve decided to launch an accessory line fo- cussing on beaded leather pieces.
After a few collections the accessory line has been completed by clothes,
essentially tshirsts & dresses,and then by shoes(yazbukey’s hot heels) and dog clothing (Yazbukey’s minidogs)

The world of Yazbukey describes a very playfull universe, inspired by
old musicals (Vincent Minelli...) & Gershwin’s music, tales of La fon-
taine & Grimm, the movies from Hitchcock to Tim Burton.

Since 2000 Björk is wearing Yazbukey accessories.

The Yazbukey duet dedicates this season it collection to the famous Ladurée pastry shop!


The Selby

The Selby's Window Apartment, March 1st - March 6th.

The Selby book comes out April 1st worldwide. But guess what? colette is getting some copies March 1st as well as limited edition signed prints and brand new selby stickers.

The Selby website and book is all about showing you the spaces of creative people.

mercoledì 24 febbraio 2010

Roisin Murphy for Linda Farrow Party

Roisin Murphy for Linda Farrow Projects
Autumn – Winter 2010

Roisin Murphy presents her new line of sunglasses in collaboration with Linda Farrow under the line Linda Farrow Projects. To launch the collaboration Roisin Murphy hosted an event during London Fashion Week on the 21st February 2010.

Tre cose che amo di te - Current Elliot.

Tre cose che amo di te - Rick Owens.

Lindsay Lohan wearing Alexander McQueen

Lindsay Lohan by Terry Richardson from Purple Magazine on Vimeo.

Spring = flowers,coral and clogs!

Più comunemente detti "zoccoli", indossati da Alexa Chung.

martedì 23 febbraio 2010

Walk,walk fashion baby.

in LaChapelle..

and Gossip Girl.

domenica 21 febbraio 2010

A Single Man.

Juliane Moore and Colin Firth

Matthew Goode

Nicholas Hoult (si,quello di Skins)

Dopo aver visto questo fantastico film di Tom Ford mi sono chiesta se fosse il caso che cambiasse lavoro.

My last two gifts.

Listening Charlotte Gainsbourg last album IRM with my MUJI cd player.

" Heaven can wait " video.